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About Kevin

Kevin is an international evidential medium, spiritual healer, and reiki master. As a natural-born empath, he recalls being able to communicate with spirit from his earliest childhood memories.


Kevin has been providing healing readings professionally since 2017, although continues to develop and work with this natural ability to help his clients receive the most impactful messages and healing from the spiritual world. He has studied and trained with renowned evidential mediums throughout Canada, the US, and UK. 

With the deepest intention of helping others, Kevin provides his clients with hope, healing, and guidance in the areas of career, relationships, finance, and well-being as well as connect them with loved ones on the other side. This intention of healing the world is so deep-rooted that he considers this work his calling and life purpose. This is why Kevin has unwavering integrity and commitment to spirit and his clients.

About Kevin's Work

Kevin is a grounded, modern-day psychic. He believes that rather than connecting to life after death, he is channeling life after life.


Death is a concept that creates a harsh threshold between the worlds that he sees as very connected. Death implies an ending where there isn’t one. Rather than life and death, he knows it as an altering of forms and an expansion of communication avenues.


Kevin has been connected to the afterlife and beyond life communication forms from a young age and continues to foster, explore, and witness the depths of its impact on his life and those he works with. Kevin has a spirit led approach to his sessions and will dive into the flow with you. 




Kevin is a channel between you and your crossed over loved ones. He can work one on one or with groups that collectively want to connect.


Kevin creates a safe and welcoming space to facilitate an experience that often includes you, the spirits willing to communicate, and a community of guides. His spirit-led approach will leave you feeling the healing love that exists in your connection.


Kevin's intention is to capture a moment of knowing and trust. In your body, you will feel your crossed-over loved one, a feeling that is yours to return to long after your session.


Kevin is grounded in an evidence-based practice that honours you and Spirit in each moment. 

Healing & Guidance

Whether you are on a spiritual path as a healer, medium, or practitioner or you're looking for guidance on how to live a spirit-led and fulfilled life, Kevin can help you tap into the areas of yourself that are asking for attention and healing. He will connect to your guides who are coming forward to lead you through this time in your life and help translate their message on how to live more in alignment with your spirit.


These sessions are for the ones who are ready to step into their potential by looking at the truth of the present moment and want clarity on how to live an intuition-based life.


Kevin will help you build the tools to embody a spirit-led, heart-centred, and grounded in the moment's existence. 


With Kevin's guidance, you will tap in to your inner knowing with trust, confidence, and love. 

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