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About Kevin
The Healing Medium

From my earliest of childhood memories, I have had the ability to communicate with spirit. My mediumship, psychic, and healing abilities have continued to unveil with each day and experience. Considered a natural born empath and healer,  I rely on and trust that spirit will always provide you with what is needed most. Whether it’s a message from a loved one, psychic guidance, or deep healing, my unwavering integrity and commitment to spirit and my clients, will leave you impacted by their love.

"My deepest intention is to help others.
It's an intention that is so deep-rooted,
I consider it my calling and purpose."


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Intuitive Guidance

Receive guidance about your relationships, spiritual direction, health & well-being, career, etc.

Spiritual Assessment

This reading is perfect for anyone wanting to know where they stand in their spiritual journey.


During this reading, Kevin will connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. 


"My session with Kevin was incredibly healing!

I was dealing with grief from the passing of my mom and a big fall off a ladder. I was experiencing life so differently and I was doing all relationships in a new way. Kevin created this safe space where I could fully let go and release emotional grief and sadness." 


"After feeling so many uplifting emotions after my first session I had to go for another one. Throughout my session with Kevin I have learned so much more about myself, my emotions, my mindset, the reason behind my decision, and how important it is to listen to your inner voice."


"I'm so glad I treated myself to this!  Kevin is very easy to communicate with and I found it easy to settle in and open up about why I was there that day. I found the experience was very relaxing and I could feel the physical shifts happen as he healed my energy!"


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